Make the most of your trade: less effort, better result.

A trading system by agra2b helps you purchase your operating materials and sell grains, animals or nutrients. Reach your existing and new trading partners via one channel, reliably and easily. Take care of trade comfortably on the go, regardless of business hours.

Bart helps dealers selling obsolete parts

BartsParts is a Dutch webshop selling spare parts for agricultural- and greencare equipment. Bart does not have his own stock, but sells directly from the warehouses of specialized dealers of all kind of brands all over the world. This is why Bart has a large and various supply.

Helping farmers find crop issues, sooner using drones, satellites & experts

Early detection of pests, diseases or other supply deficiencies in the field by drones, satellites and agricultural experts.

Join with other farmers to book your farm inputs and save Money

Digital mapping of buying and selling groups: attractive conditions due to higher transaction volume.

LiveCare is doing its best to improve the productivity of the farms

Monitoring and prediction of the health of cows by temperature and movement sensor in the rumen. You can check the entity-specific estrus, delivery, disease, and amount of activity in cattle by monitoring the body temperature through LiveCare service.

Empowering you to be independent, grow your own healthy food and always know exactly what you eat.

Provide an alternative source of protein from insects for the feed and food industries.