Startups Wanted

Grow with us! The call for our Acceleration Program 2017 is now open.
We offer tailor-made support in the form of know-how, market access and financing!


  • Laboratory access
  • Infrastructure
  • Technical equipment
  • Office facilities
  • Storage space
  • € 15,000 financial support (these funds can be accessed individually if required)
  • Access to € 30,000 Proof of Concept money (to implement a joint innovation project)

 Know-How & Mentoring

  • Development of a Proof of Concept to accelerate growth
  • Agricultural expertise from internal and external experts to support product development
  • Provision of specific knowledge through professional trainers and mentors on topics such as:
    • Market positioning, financing and market expansion
    • Business model development
    • Establishment of a sales structure and effective customer support
    • Logistics
    • Adaptation of organisation and systems
    • Support in financial, law and tax issues (in cooperation with selected partners)

Network & Financing

  • BayWa & RWA as potential investors and contact with other potential investors
  • Potential cooperation opportunities in sales or product development with the Agro Innovation Lab, BayWa & RWA or Raiffeisen Lagerhaus cooperatives
  • Broad network in the European agricultural scene, political institutions, public funding agencies, etc.
  • Close cooperation with partner universities, research institutes, service partners and the Austrian and German startup community


Individual Innovation Project

We offer access to a wide range of resources, the comprehensive knowledge of internal and external experts and mentors and the support of our broad network with a particular focus on sales, development, financing, science, politics and the startup scene.

We work intensively with each startup during the 20 week program  on an individually created Proof of Concept (PoC). The aim of this PoC is the planning and implementation of a joint innovation project which is geared, on the one hand, to the core competencies of the startup and, on the other hand, to the market needs of our customers. To implement this PoC our startups will have access to a pot of at least € 30,000 “PoC Money”, as well as one or two “lead mentors”, employees from BayWa & RWA who will support the startup over four months with the necessary market know-how as well as their personal expertise in the relevant business field.
In addition to this we will provide office space (if required) for four months and a wide range of resources to assist in the further development of the products or the promotion of sales. These include, for example, access to our laboratories and the use of test stands or storage facilities. An additional € 15,000 can be provided if required as financial bridging aid.


Our Mission

Our goal is to support people, teams and companies in the long term to ensure that they are being managed to stand out and reach the next level.

In order to be able to optimally prepare for further growth steps, our four-month Agro Innovation Lab Acceleration Program seeks to give startups all the support they need in order to grow in the appropriate way.

This year’s program will take place from September 2017 to February 2018 in Vienna and Munich. Up to six startups will have the opportunity to be included in the Acceleration Program.

Our program offers the opportunity to cooperate with BayWa &  RWA, two of the most important players in the agricultural sector throughout Central and Eastern Europe, to enter into contact with selected partners and investors and to receive individual mentoring and coaching.

Our Fields of Interest

We are interested in breakthrough innovations from all agricultural areas. In our opinion, innovation can be a breakthrough in terms of efficiency or resource conservation or due to the way in which it facilitates the lives of farmers, foresters, forest owners and consumers

  • AgTech (machinery, drones, robotics, automation systems, etc.)

  • Irrigation

  • Organic Agriculture

  • Plant Production (plant breeding, plant cultivation, plant protection, etc.)

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Forestry

  • Agricultural Commodity Trading

  • Urban Farming

  • Smart Farming

  • Internet of Things & Machine2Machine Communication

  • Big Data and Decision Support Systems

  • Food (sustainable protein, e-commerce, marketing & trends, etc.)

  • other disruptive technologies (useable for agriculture & forestry)

  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Our Conditions

The four-month Acceleration Program provides a wide range of resources and services: individual mentoring and coaching, the ability to connect with selected partners and investors and the infrastructure required for each project. It will result in the development of a joint innovation project with a view to sustainable cooperation. If desired, we can provide a range of facilities throughout the program.

All these services and resources are provided in kind. Additional financial support of € 15,000 may also be requested.

Repayment terms for benefits in kind and financial support:

Our startups have the unique opportunity to decide whether to participate in an equity-based program or a non-equity program:

  • Since we do not want to commit to a startup which is not clearly and actively pursuing a long-term cooperation with us, our startups can decide to repay the support received in interest-free instalments.
  • As an alternative, the teams can grant the Agro Innovation Lab the right to convert the support received for contributions in kind (€ 35,000) or contributions in kind + financing (€ 50,000) into shares in the participating company (equity option) . The quantity of these shares depends on the final financing round of the startup. If no financing is yet in place we will value the startup at € 1 million.

More information about the conditions of the conversion option can be found here.

Our Ideal Candidates

Looking for startups


We are looking for teams that want to develop their business model further or optimise their prototypes and teams that already have a market-ready product but need support to expand their business in the market.


The technology, product, service or solution should be scalable and applicable to agriculture or related areas.


For each startup, at least two and up to three startup members can participate in the program. At least one of the participating members must have strategic decision-making powers.

Legal entities

Participation in the program is only possible for companies with limited liability. In individual cases, companies with different corporate forms are also admitted.