• What is offered in the Agro Innovation Lab Acceleration & Market Entry Program?

    The aim of the Agro Innovation Lab Acceleration & Market Entry Program is to provide tailored access to exactly those services and resources that drive rapid business development. In addition to this, a broad network of potential investors, large agricultural players in Europe, public institutions, selected service partners, etc. is on offer. There is also the opportunity to enter into a promising cooperation with BayWa & RWA.

  • How do we apply for the Acceleration & Market Entry Program?

    Applications for this year's program, which runs from September 2018 to February 2019, are only available online until 23.04.2018, 23:59 (CET).

  • Does a business plan need to be drawn up?

    No, not necessarily. The decision is made on the basis of the information in the application form, the transmitted pitch decks or videos as well as personal interviews. However, we definitely recommend you to submit your business plan.

  • Who can apply for the Acceleration & Market Entry Program?

    We support teams that work on technologies, products, business models and solutions that can be used in agriculture or related areas. It is not a prerequisite that you consider your company as an AgTech StartUp. The implementation of your existing business into this new market, might be the goal of the joint innovation project.

    At least two and up to three StartUp members can participate in the program. At least one of the participating members must have strategic decision-making powers. As a matter of principle, only limited liability companies (limited liability company or equivalent forms of company abroad) may participate in the program. In exceptional cases other forms of organisation are also accepted.

  • Can individuals participate in the Acceleration & Market Entry Program?

    Unfortunately not. However, this may be possible in one of our next programs. If there is any need for this, please let us know.

  • Can you apply if the company or the founders do not come from Austria or Germany?

    Definitely! There are no restrictions in this regard except that you must be sure that you can come to Austria and Germany legally during the program. If you are officially admitted to the program, we can assist you, among other things, in legal matters concerning your stay. Moreover, we will pay for your travelling expenses that accrue with regard to our events and acceleration weeks.

  • Will companies also compete with each other?

    As a rule, we will try not to incorporate directly competing StartUps into the same program. However, there is a possibility that competing companies are already in our portfolio. In such a case, we ensure that no sensitive data is exchanged.

  • What level of services is rendered by Agro Innovation Lab?

    The in-kind services delivered by Agro Innovation Lab during the program amount to € 50,000. Additionally there will be individual financial support for the joined innovation project out of a cash pot of € 100,000, which is accessible for all program participants. What is more, we will pay for your travelling expenses that accrue with regard to our events and acceleration weeks.

  • Are the services rendered to be repaid?

    No. Only in the case of an investment from our parent companies. In this case, the Agro Innovation Lab receives a success fee in the amount of € 50,000.

  • Does the Agro Innovation Lab automatically receive shares?


  • Are there any financing options under the program?

    Definitely. As the Agro Innovation Lab pursues the goal of supporting participating StartUps over the long term, our parent companies provide capital to ensure a successful and sustainable follow-up financing.
    In addition to the opportunity to win the BayWa & RWA as a financing partner, we will organise a demo day at the end of the program which will attract both angel investors and VCs as well as representatives of public funding agencies to listen to the pitches of our StartUps.

    If, however, the participating StartUps already have plans for the future and are interested in participation in the program but not a long-term partnership, we promise that we will do everything we can to support these StartUps with all our energy. It is up to you to decide freely whether a long-term partnership with us is desired or not.

  • How do you deal with confidentiality? Is a declaration of confidentiality signed by Agro Innovation Lab?

    In the application phase Agro Innovation Lab does not sign a confidentiality declaration. If, however, we need more sensitive documents in the course of the selection process in order to be able to make a decision on your inclusion in the program we are, of course, ready to conclude a corresponding confidentiality declaration.

  • Are only StartUps from the agricultural sector included?

    No. We are equally interested in StartUps working on technologies, solutions or services that could be used for agriculture but have not yet provided an application in this field.

  • Is a move to Vienna or Munich during the program a prerequisite for participation?

    No, a stay in Vienna or Munich for the entire four months is not a prerequisite because the program is divided into modules, only some of which involve mandatory attendance.

  • Does a company have to be established in Austria to participate in the Acceleration & Market Entry Program?

    No, no company has to be established in Germany or Austria.

  • Where can we stay during the Acceleration & Market Entry Program?

    Since the Acceleration & Market Entry Program is divided into modules with individual Acceleration Weeks, permanent accommodation is not required for the duration of the program. Therefore, the Agro Innovation Lab does not provide any accommodation, yet, we can assist you with finding accomodation.

  • Are you expected to stay in Vienna after the end of the program?

    No, but we are happy to assist if a team stays in Vienna or Munich for the long term.

  • On what day and at what exact time does the application phase end?

    The application phase for the program in autumn 2018 will end on 23rd April 2018 at 23:59 (CET).

  • When will I hear if I am included in the program?

    We will do our best to inform all applicants whether or not they will be admitted as soon as possible during the multi-stage selection process - and at the latest one month before the start of the program.

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