BartsParts - Where farmers can find spare parts online from more than 600 warehouses

As a participant in the Agro Innovation Lab's Acceleration Program in 2017, BartsParts was able to lay the foundation for today’s success in cooperation with experts from RWA and BayWa:

  • More than 200 connected spare parts warehouses from RWA and BayWa (out of a total of more than 600 across Europe) provide the basis for a wide-ranging catalog of spare parts on the platform.
  • The initial financing by RWA and BayWa of approximately 22% of the shares allow for internationalization and exponential growth.
  • Participation in "Agritechnica,” the world's leading trade show for agricultural technology, and networking with well-known market participants in Germany and Austria help to establish BartsParts as an independent platform in German-speaking countries.

How BartsParts works for farmers:
BartsParts connects the inventories of a global network of agricultural dealers and bundles them in a complete catalog on an integrated website. At you can buy spare parts of any brand and have these delivered directly to your home by the dealer. The BartsParts range currently includes more than 650,000 different part numbers and has a net value of over 100 million euros.
How BartsParts works for dealers:
Using their IT platforms, dealers upload their inventory of spare parts, retaining control of the choice of parts, prices, and discounts. This inventory is then linked to the central database and available online to clients around the globe. BartsParts’ multilingual platform supports buyers with its secure ordering and payment process. As soon as a part is sold, the order is confirmed and the dealer receives a packaging label and prepares the order for shipment. Finally, BartsParts takes care of logistics, customer service, and the payment to the dealer to complete the full process of the sale while providing the best possible user experience.