Robotics Report - More than 200 downloads worldwide

Modern agriculture is facing numerous challenges. The growing world population, the decreasing area of arable land, and labor shortages are just some of the factors that are driving growing demand for automation in agricultural production. Last year, this led us to dive deep into the subject of agricultural robotics and set up the BayWa & RWA Robotics Challenge 2019. Following a comprehensive market screening during which we identified the most promising solutions, we tested the practical feasibility of these solutions and elaborated possible approaches to collaborating with these top-notch startups.

We summarized our most important learning and experiences in the Robotics Report. This includes a unique listing of over 100 innovative robotics companies, offers detailed information about the market leaders, and shows the main drivers of and barriers to the market as well as the legal challenges to a market launch. We want to share this knowledge with interested persons in order to promote the implementation of the most promising agricultural robotics solutions.

A lite version and a fee-based full version of the report have been available for download at since November 2019. To date, there have been more than 200 downloads in 34 different countries including a significant number in the USA, China, and Canada, which emphasizes the importance of this topic for agriculture.

More information and the opportunity to download the Robotics Report can be found at