CropTech is a startup from Slovakia and has developed a sensor-based automation system for growing plants inside and outside. Their product “ResponzIO” can read the data from up to 16 sensors, autonomously control up to 8 devices and present the data on any device.

The Italian startup Evja has developed a computer-based decision system that collects data from various sensors. This data can be sent to any device and provides the farmer with a better decision-making basis.

The Austrian company Evologic Technologies is working on a more efficient production process of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF). This new process reduces the demand for fertilisers, pesticides and irrigation, which also leads to higher margins.

The founders of Tevatronic are from Israel and have developed a fully autonomous irrigation control. Their sensors measure the actual need for water by the plant which in turn reduces the usage of water and fertilizers.