We scout innovations.
We accelerate your success.
Together, we cultivate ideas.

Agro Innovation Lab

The Agro Innovation Lab takes an active part in shaping the future of agriculture. Our mission is to foster and implement new technologies or strategies, which increase efficiency, conserve resources or significantly improve the lives of farmers and consumers.

Scouting Innovation

We’ve got the finger on the pulse of agricultural innovation. Scouting and tracking trends in agriculture, we are constantly on the lookout for groundbreaking ideas to meet the growing challenges with new solutions.

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Accelerating Success

We’re the soil upon which smart ideas can grow. Created by RWA as innovation platform, the Agro Innovation Lab promotes the exchange of knowledge, arranging partnerships and uniting tradition with future.


Cultivating Ideas

We’re letting StartUps blossom. With tailor-made support through know-how transfer, market access, financing and precisely those services and resources that facilitate rapid development.

Innovation campus

Robotics Challenge Finals 2019