Robots Wanted

Positioned right at the interface of development and implementation of novel technologies within the agricultural sector, we are constantly searching for solutions that significantly boost the efficiency of agricultural processes. Since technology for autonomous machines on the farm becomes more and more mature, we decided to put our focus on robotics in agriculture with the goal to help innovative companies to gain visible, long-term success, shaping the 21st century agriculture in a sustainable manner and gradually improving the world through our joint efforts. Does your solution have the potential we’re looking for?

Robotics Challenge 2019

Being the innovation platform of BayWa AG and RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG, two of the largest player in the global agricultural sector, we can offer tailor-made support and precisely those resources that you, as a high potential robotic company, need. Our new innovation format, the Robotics Challenge, focuses on companies, that offer innovative robots for agricultural use and at least have a working prototype. More specifically, we are looking for solutions in weed control and fruit and vegetable harvesting.

Goal of this Challenge is to define and implement a technical validation as well as a go-to-market strategy or market expansion concept, based on the company's core competencies and customer needs. The test-phase will end with a top-class jury selecting the respective winners in the two fields. The winners have prospects for a sales cooperation with and/or an investment by BayWa and RWA.



Market & Customer Access

  • 1,000+ sales offices in Europe
  • 200,000+ farmers as customers
  • International distribution network
  • Joint sales effort with well-established corporate partners

Network & Know-how

  • Experts from BayWa / RWA support the market entry and expansion
  • 120 years of experience in agriculture and related industries
  • Interdisciplinary exchange with experts from industry, research and trade
  • Exchange with other top-notch robotic teams

Resources & Investment

  • Professionally supported test phase with an appropriate project budget
  • Practical & scientific validation of the prototype
  • Customer showcasing
  • Opportunity for a strategic cooperation and/or investment through BayWa / RWA

Attractive Program Design

  • Pre-prepared trial areas with real-life conditions
  • Concentrated program with blocked presence dates
  • Additional remote sessions to enjoy full mentoring
  • Coverage of testing and travel costs